I am a Creator. I am a Scientist. I am a Technologist. I am a Person.

I solve interdisciplinary problems by making user experience journeys.

Working from WiFi in Austin + Albuquerque + Remote!

I Work In:
User Experience + Product Design + Digital Media + Data Science + Business Operations + Automation Systems + Project Management

Favorite Industries:
Small Businesses/Startups + Software-as-a-Service + Open Science + Open Source + Online Education + Content Creators + Social Communities

My Mission:
Bridge gaps in society with technology and open access information through interactive media as a bilingual creator and developer.

My Background:
Science & digital media – with studies in anthropology, archaeology, earth science, design strategy, and accessibility.


As a user experience developer, I use the foundations of UX in all my projects: web design and development, content strategy, project management, data science, and business operations.

My anthropology/ethnography background gives me a unique advantage to understand people culturally to create memorable experiences that solve a problem in their day-to-day lives.

I have 6+ years of design experience for web applications, worked on 2000+ websites, freelanced for 50+ happy clients, and saved over 1000 hours of time with automated systems.

User Experience Designer: Small Business Strategy

Creative Design by M2 // Freelance - Remote

January 2012 - Present

What I Do:
Web design and development, with a focus on user experience design, atomic design, responsive/mobile-first design, accessibility, and performance optimization.Photo and video editing; field photography; video filming.Vector design, including logos, custom icons, and icon fonts.Develop brand-driven Style Guides and Templates for layout and typography.Production of digital and print materials, including interactive publishing, presentations, flyers, and email newsletters.Creative Commons asset acquisition, creation, management, and distribution; copyright clearance.Provide live video training on cloud service solutions, automation workflows, social media outreach, and Adobe Creative Suite.

Tool Stack:
I write things in: English, Spanish, Markdown, HTML5, CSS3/Sass, JavaScript (and starting some Vue.js)Project Management: Airtable, Raindrop, Droplr, Station, G Suite, Trello, SimpleNoteCommunication: Telegram, Slack, Appear.in, Google Hangouts, Discord, Join.me, GoToMeeting, SkypeDesign: Adobe CS6 Illustrator + InDesign + Photoshop, Icon Jar, Sketch, Figma, iMovie, Mockflow, Google FontsDev: Atom, Gitlab, GitHub, Quiver, CloudflareAutomation: Zapier, Mailparser, Typeform, JotformData: Google Analytics + Data StudioPublishing: Webflow, Issuu, Yumpu, Weebly, Squarespace, Blogger, WordPressI contribute to: Unsplash, Glitch, Codepen, UpLabs

User Experience Developer + Data Scientist

Easy Agent PRO // Albuquerque, NM, USA - Remote

January 2017 - March 2019

Business Intelligence Manager // Dec. 2018 - Mar. 2019
Project lead for infrastructure conversion by managing data integrity and visualization for 17,000 (and growing) records. Responsible for process improvement, gathering and analyzing data, and initiating vendor agreements.
UX Developer: Marketing // Apr. 2018 - Dec. 2018
Designed a new signup page and supplemental pricing breakdown increasing Q3 trial conversions by 12%.Increased Q2 trial signups by 74% by designing user focused landing pages optimized for conversion tracking.Created new marketing pages by sketching on paper and prototyping in code for rapid development and live testing.
Data Scientist: Business Operations // Sep. 2017 - Dec. 2018
Consolidated 13 data pipelines eliminating over 1000 hours of manual aggregation and increased site build production volume by 40% with optimized account collection and storage.Spearheaded KPI tracking and analysis for 15-person remote workforce with real-time dashboards, process documentation, and custom data connectors.Identified 10% monthly cost savings through internal audit of 3000 accounts.
Quality Assurance Specialist // Sep. 2017 - Jan. 2018
Led quality assurance for 8 major releases and 95 product updates.Assisted in development of 4 landing page templates – Single Property, Mortgage Calculator, Video Promo, and Just Listed – by converting Sketch mockups into code.
Web Designer // Jan. 2017 - Jan. 2018
Lead Designer for 250+ lead-capture websites. Added $25,000 in annual revenue by creating a custom interactive SVG mapping product.

Leading Roles:
Biz Ops Engineer: Data Science + Behavioral AnalystUX Developer: User Experience + Front-End Web DeveloperRobot Maker: Airtable + Zapier + Slack + Heroku

Tool Stack:
I write things in: Emoji, English, Spanish, HTML5, CSS3/Sass, JavaScript + Node, and (sometimes) PHPProject Management: Airtable, Zapier, Station, Infusionsoft, AgileCRM, Trello, Mailparser, G SuiteDesign: Photoshop, Illustrator, FigmaDev & QA: WordPress, WPEngine, AWS S3, GitHub, Codeship, Gitlab, Heroku, Hotjar, Atom, CloudflareData & Docs: Mixpanel, Google Analytics, Google Data Studio, NiceReply, HelpDocs, Loom, ioradRevenue: Stripe, BaremetricsCommunication: Slack, Appear.in, Zoom, Front, Google Hangouts, WebinarJamPreviously worked with: Sketch, Zeplin, InVision, Saucelabs, Marker, Pivotal Tracker, Bugherd, GistBox, Tettra, Intercom + Educate, Asana

Multimedia Specialist: Distance Learning

Central New Mexico Community College // Albuquerque, NM, USA

August 2014 - September 2015

What I Did:
Developed a device agnostic multimedia interactive learning experience on the History of New Mexico.Created vector course branding for Liberal Arts Accelerated Online program.Performed user testing for Mobile Apps Committee prior to iOS & Android app launches. Communication liaison between stakeholders and developer team.Implemented tools and developed multimedia, in coordination with instructional designers, to enhance students' online learning experience.Began development of augmented and virtual reality experiences for students, faculty, and staff.Launched department newsletter with tips and tricks for faculty about web technologies for their online classrooms.Trained faculty to use multimedia in online courses via Blackboard Learn for optimized desktop and mobile experiences.Presented to faculty about integrating interactivity into online classrooms: Beyond PoisonPoint (Aug. 2015), Augmented Video (Jan. 2015).

Tool Stack:
I wrote in: English, Spanish, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, and (a tiny amount of) SwiftCommunication & Project Management: G Suite, MS Office 365, Apple MailLMS: BlackboardPublishing: iBooks Author, Inkling Habitat, Adobe Captivate 8, Articulate Storyline 2Design: Adobe CC 2015 - Illustrator, InDesign, PhotoshopDev: XCode, Brackets, Atom3D: Blender, Unity 5Video: iMovie, Mediasite Desktop Recorder, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Camtasia

Web Designer: Anthropology

University of New Mexico // Albuquerque, NM, USA

March 2014 - September 2014

What I Did:
Redesigned department’s website with Twitter Bootstrap (before the University standardized all department themes).Showcased department contributions to the scientific discipline by creating current project highlights and faculty biographies, as well as photographing and interviewing graduate students for the home page news module.Developed course listing module emphasizing relevant pre-requisites for each degree concentration to streamline student enrollment selections.

Tool Stack:
I wrote in: English, HTML, CSSFramework: BootstrapEditing: Notepad++, Microsoft OfficePhotography: Nikon D5100, Adobe Photoshop

Intern: Social Media & Database Management

The Dream Tree // Austin, TX, USA

September 2011 - October 2011

What I Did:
Social media driven six week internship in Austin, Texas, led by Chris Scheppler for a college-student geared online program for starting up your own business.Tasks included data management, database building, social media ads, graphic design, and calling potential students and sponsors for enrollment in the program.

Tool Stack:
I wrote in: EnglishDesign: Adobe PhotoshopSocial: Hootsuite, SproutSocial, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn


How Does the World Work + How Do People Interact with It

On paper, I am an Archaeologist and Earth Scientist. I study dead peoples' trash (archaeology) to understand:
(1) their impact on environments (geology/botany),
(2) advancement in technology (archaeoastronomy),
(3) and the challenges they face(d) from climate (climatology).

As an undergrad I wanted to share my research – I already did all the work, why not share it?

My quest for open science began with founding Origins Scientific Research Society. In 2012, Origins launched as a web publishing service, an open science portal, as an outlet for undergraduate and non-traditional research.

I call it a hobby with a mission. Origins is the culmination my life's work in UX, design, development, publishing, and scientific research. It is also my favorite sandbox for ongoing computer science experimentation since 2009.

Founder + Editor-in-Chief & Creative Director

Origins Scientific Research Society // Remote

June 2009 - Present

Rated S for Science

Origins Scientific Research Society is an open science initiative that publishes independent research by students, citizen scientists, and professionals.

We publish your research as an interactive experience in an open format – created by our community for the world.

We are proudly part of the #OpenScience movement, publishing new content for passionate science lovers everywhere.

Let’s keep science open!

What I Do:
Interactive open source web development for viewing Themes, submissions, open peer review, and contributor profiles.Outreach to scientists for open access authorship and publishing.Edit articles for clarity, tone, and fluidity with Google Docs.Convert text to Markdown for Gitbook and Creative Commons licensing of research.Curation of graphics, photographs, and video content for publication.Live update progress on Trello Road Map, GitHub Projects, and Slack Channels.

Tool Stack:
I write things in: English, Spanish, Markdown, HTML, CSS, JavaScriptProject Management: Trello, Airtable, Typeform, G SuitePublishing: Gitbook, GitHub PagesDev: Atom, Brackets, GitHubPrevious tools: Issuu, Lucidpress, Weebly

Lab Research Assistant: Anthropology

University of New Mexico // Albuquerque, NM, USA

August 2013 - June 2014

Under the Dept. of Anthropology for Dr. E. James Dixon. Duties included digitizing photographs and field notes from past and current archaeological projects, along with assisting with research on the Internet and simple office tasks. Additional work with ESRI ArcGIS under supervision of Kelly Monteleone, Ph.D. processing GPS and multi-beam data from the Alaskan continental shelf.

Participated in a two week survey of the aquatic sites studied post-graduation (Jun. 2014) for the Gateway to the Americas II field season in Alaska.

Field Student: Belize Valley Archaeological Reconnaissance Project

Baking Pot, San Ignacio, Belize

Summer 2013

Four weeks experience at the site Baking Pot, in the Belize Valley, under Dr. Jaime J. Awe, from the Belize Institute of Archaeology.

Field experience included excavation techniques, baseline-offset mapping, artifact collection, site and artifact photography, unit setup using triangulation, and note-taking.

Lab experience included artifact cataloging, artifact inventory, artifact illustration and photography, ceramic analysis, and lithic analysis.

Field Student: BLM/OCA Geoarchaeology

San Luis de Cabezon, NM, USA

April 2013

Eight hours of survey experience, in addition to 4 days of excavation and mapping experience, in Northwest New Mexico at the site San Luis de Cabezón with the New Mexico State Office Bureau of Land Management and the University of New Mexico’s Office of Contract Archaeology.

Additional experience in soil and sediment sampling, cataloging, and mapping of profiles, plus the use of a Total Station and Trimble GPS mapping of site boundaries.

Field Student: Ethnoarchaeology Academic Cooperative

Orange Walk, Belize

Summer 2011

An ethnoarchaeology study of ancient and modern Mayan people and the use of human space over the course of 14 days. Sites in the ethnographic (E) and archaeological (A) survey included: Orange Walk (E), Altun Ha (A), La Milpa (A), Yo Creek (E), San Antonio (E), Santa Cruz (E), Cerros (A), and Lamanai (A).

This was a two part research project with a final report on:
Ancient Maya - Public buildings with similar orientation at different sites may reflect an association of the structures with ritual activities; public buildings with a range of orientation are less likely to be linked to ritual activities and more likely secular.Modern Maya - Analyze and interpret orientation patterns of modern Maya communities to better understand the ancient Maya and the social evolution of the modern Maya.
"The Maya of Belize: The Use of Human Space" was published in The Silo, print issue #11 (Mar. 2012).

Field Student: Texas Archeological Society

Rancho de las Cabras, TX, USA

February 2011

Completed 14 hours of course instruction about Site Recognition and Documentation and fieldwork under Dr. Harry J. Shafer with the Texas Archeological Society in Bexar and Wilson counties, Texas.

Excavations took place over two days at colonial site Rancho de las Cabras near Floresville, Texas, led by P.I. Marybeth Tonka.

Intern: Marine Mammal Conservation & Dolphin Trainer

Dolphin's Plus // Key Largo, FL, USA

Summer 2010

Four week internship at a marine mammal conservation facility at Key Largo under Rick Borguss, marine veterinarian Dr. Robert Stevens, and dolphin trainer Arthur Cooper. Internship consisted of training and proper feeding of dolphins and sea lions, dolphin identification, and psychology of animal training.

My Travels

I have visited archaeological sites in the Americas and Spain, with fieldwork in: New Mexico (Bureau of Land Management; Office of Contract Archaeology; University of New Mexico), Texas (Texas Archaeological Society), Alaska (National Science Foundation research with University of New Mexico), and Belize (Belize Valley Archaeological Reconnaissance Project; Austin Community College).


I graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in Anthropology in 2014 after 7 semesters, with 2 archaeology field schools in Belize and a field session with the Bureau of Land Management.

I volunteered as a lab research assistant and received 3 awards in academic achievement, public anthropology, and leadership. I'm also PADI certified in addition to Blackboard Learn GUI Administration.

My paper-proof education comes from 3 countries, 4 states, 5 private + 1 public school, 1 college, and 1 university.

I am a self-taught UX Developer – consuming any and all online courses, books, and guidance of industry professionals – since 2007.

B.S. Anthropology, cum laude

University of New Mexico // GPA: 3.58

August 2012 - May 2014

Concentration: Archaeology

Minor: Earth & Planetary Sciences

Specialized Coursework:
EPS: Soil Stratigraphy & Morphology, Geoarchaeology, Paleoclimatology, Geographic Information Systems (ESRI and IDRISI)ANTH: Art and Architecture of Mesoamerica and the Ancient Andes, Curanderismo in the US Southwest and Mexico, Southwest Archaeology, Near Eastern Archaeology, Museum StudiesFor Fun: Archery, K’iche’ Maya
Applied Experience:
Belize Valley Archaeological Reconnaissance Project (BVAR Field School)Lab Research Assistant (UNM Dept. of Anthropology)Geoarchaeology (Bureau of Land Management + UNM Office of Contract Archaeology)

Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society
Honors & Awards:
Superior Undergraduate Student Award: Sigma Xi, May '14Dean's List: Fall '13, 4.01 GPA; Fall '12, 3.995 GPAPublic Anthropology Award: Center for Public Anthropology, Oct. '12Amigo Transfer Scholarship: UNM, Aug. '12
Media Recognition:
(Spring 2014) "Chair's Corner." UNM Anthropology Newsletter.Wentworth, K. (Oct. 2012) "UNM Anthropology Students Recognized." UNM Newsroom.Perez, N. (Nov. 2012) "Plying Their Craft." Daily Lobo.

Coursework: Archaeology

Austin Community College // GPA: 3.694

August 2010 - December 2011

Specialized Coursework:
ANTH: Mesoamerican Archaeology, Archaeological Field Methods, Art History (from Paleolithic to Renaissance)EPS: Geographic Information Systems (ESRI)Career: Technical Communication (with work later published in AncientPlanet), Public Speaking
Applied Experience:
Ethnoarchaeology Academic Cooperative (Austin Community College Field School)Rancho de las Cabras (Texas Archeological Society)
Phi Theta Kappa (PTK)National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS)
Honors & Awards:
National Excellence in Leadership: National Society of Leadership and Success, May '12

Events + Community Service:
1st Annual Social Media Communication Forum (2012): Participated as a member of the coordination and event planning committee led by Jill Brockman for ACC. Distinguished guests included Shama Hyder Kabani, Anne Gentle, and Leslie Hancock. Inaugurated the viral local hashtag for the event: #SMCF2012.10th Annual Project Build A Park: Helped clear trails in Roy G. Guerrero Colorado River Park on Nov 5, 2011 with ACC Student Life, PTK, and NSLS.Cookies for a Cure: Raised $212.66 for the American Cancer Society with a bake sale held by NSLS.Aids Walk Austin: Walked through Downtown Austin, Texas with PTK for HIV/AIDS Awareness.Mary H. Bears: Donated and helped decorate teddy bears with PTK for leukemia patients at local Texas Oncology facilities. Teddy bears were distributed on Thanksgiving.9th Annual Project Build A Park: Helped clear trails in Zilker Park on Nov 6, 2010 ACC Student Life.

Round Rock High School (2009 - 2010 // Round Rock, Texas): Pre-AP Physics, AstronomyMonterrey Institute of Technology & Higher Education (2007 - 2009 // Mexico City, Mexico): Statistics, Analytical Geometry, Trigonometry, Inorganic + Organic Chemistry, ItalianColegio Peterson (2006 - 2007, Mexico City, Mexico): Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Climate Science


Content Management GUI Administrator Blackboard Learn (Sep. 2014)

Course Delivery GUI Administrator Blackboard Learn (Sep. 2014)

PADI Open Water Diver (Jul. 2010) - (Diver No. 10070D3188)


I've had the privilege of presenting on multimedia for online education and on my academic research in anthropology, in addition to a few publications on archaeology.

"Beyond PoisonPoint: Enhancing Your Course with Multimedia"

Aug. 2015 | Central New Mexico Community College, Albuquerque, NM
Event: Faculty Focus Day
Presented with Jacob Lujan

"Innovating Integration"

Jul. 2015 | Central New Mexico Community College, Albuquerque, NM
Event: New Mexico Distance Learning Association (NMDLA)
Presented online to showcase the CNM MILE project

"Augmented Video: It’s More Than Pressing Play"

Jan. 2015 | Embassy Suites by Hilton, Albuquerque, NM
Event: 3rd Annual Conference of Teaching and Learning
Hosted by: Central New Mexico Community College

"Inked: A 5,000 Year Old Tattooing Tradition Among Us"

Apr. 2014 | University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM
Event: 18th Annual Anthropology Graduate Student Union (AGSU) Conference
Published as "Inked" in It's All On You, Origins Scientific Research Society, Spring 2014.

Languages & Skills

I speak human...

Human TongueProficiency LevelReadWriteListenSpeak
K'iche' MayaBeginner--

...I speak computer...

LanguageProficiency Level
CSS3/SassMastering It
JavaScriptLearning to Love
VuePractice Makes Perfect
ExpressPractice Makes Perfect
NodeFiddled with It
RESTLearning to Love
Git/Version ControlApprentice

Currently learning MEVN: MongoDB + Express.js + Vue.js + Node.js // Huge JAMstack fan!
I've also used: Python, jQuery, PHP, mySQL, Webpack, Docker, Gulp, Grunt

...and I love working with my favorite toys.

Get Things Done
Airtable - Loom - Purple.pm - Station - Gyazo - Notion - Adobe CS6

Usability Meets Design
Paper & Pencil - Adobe Illustrator - Adobe Photoshop - Adobe InDesign - Icon Jar - Sketch - Figma - InVision - ImageOptim

Code Ideas to Life
Atom - Quiver - GitHub - Gitlab - Gitbook - Codepen - Glitch - JSUI - Heroku

Communicate with People
Telegram - Appear.in - Slack - Discord - Zoom - Front

Biz Ops
Stripe - Baremetrics - Cloudflare - Zapier - Webhooks - Mailparser - GSuite

Crunch the Data
Mixpanel - Google Analytics - Google Data Studio

Media for the Masses
Canva - iMovie - Adobe Premiere Pro - YouTube

Professional Memberships + Honors + Awards

2016 | The National Society of Professional Women

Awarded: "NAPW VIP Woman of the Year: Multimedia" in May 2016. Recognizes distinction in multimedia in the organization of professional women.

Recognition: "Women 360: Member Spotlight" in April 2016. Recognizes 10 distinguished women with career and business highlights.

2012 - Present | Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society

Awarded: "Superior Undergraduate Student Award" in May 2014. Recognizes an Undergraduate Student of UNM who has distinguished herself by outstanding academic performance, interest, and dedication to science.

Inducted: Nominated for Associate Membership by Kelly Monteleone, PhD. for displaying initial research achievement in a field of pure or applied science and shown an aptitude for research. Inducted in Dec. 2012.

2012 - 2013 | Dean’s List, University of New Mexico

Recognition: Institutional recognition by the Dean for maintaining a GPA of 4.01 (Fall 2013 - 17 credit hours) and 3.995 (Fall 2012 - 16 credit hours) at the University of New Mexico. Qualification is limited by achieving a GPA of 3.5 or higher while completing 12 or more credit hours during the semester.

2012 | Award in Public Anthropology, Center for a Public Anthropology

Awarded: One of twenty students who received the "Public Anthropology Award" by the Center for a Public Anthropology at the University of New Mexico, November 2012, for an opinion paper addressing legislation changes for the Belmont Report and their effects on the field of anthropology.

2012 | Amigo Transfer Scholarship, University of New Mexico

Awarded: Awarded due to a combined transfer college grade point average of 3.694 and 59 credited transfer hours.

2011 - 2012 | The National Society of Leadership & Success

Awarded: "National Excellence in Leadership" (May 2012) at Austin Community College by the chapter (Sigma Alpha Pi) for community involvement, service, volunteering, and educational program management; additional leadership recognition for position held as chapter Officer of Internet Technology and Publicity.

Position held: Held a one year Internet Technology and Publicity officer position. Duties consisted of creating print media for campus announcements, hosting campus events, building and maintaining the chapter website, social media outreach, and planning and attending bi-weekly officer meetings.

Awarded: "Presidential Status" (May 2011) for maintaining a 3.5+ GPA. Entitled to all honors, benefits, privileges, and responsibilities of the Society as an award of completing the orientation, 3 social network team meetings (SNTs), 3 leadership broadcasts, and community service.

Inducted: Sigma Alpha Pi Chapter: recognition for completing the training program and commitment to further leadership development.

2011 | Phi Theta Kappa

Awarded: "Gold Status" for completing 18 hours in honors, leadership, service, and fellowship.

Inducted: Alpha Gamma Pi Chapter: recognition for scholarship, leadership, and service; Member #2432052.

TLDR: I Make Things

26 multicultural years in a nutshell, illustrated with too many emoji


🚢 Started launch sequence for 12 Projects in 12 Months:
(1) Archinia, (2) Weather Dashboard, (3) M2 Creates, (4) 3-Part Slack App: /tablefip + Bug Reports + Airtable Search, (5) E-Morgaine v4, (6) M2 Resume Site, (7) Dynamic Login/Sign Up, (8) Static Medium, (9+) To Be Announced


🍰 Origins 9th Birthday!
🌙 Trifecta: Super Blue Blood Moon Total Eclipse @ Albuquerque, NM
🥂 Got featured on Codepen (finally!)


🌑 Great American Total Solar Eclipse @ North Platte, NE
📷 First featured in Unsplash + added to the Mac App with "Illuminate"
🏡 Joined Easy Agent Pro's remote team as a Project Manager / Web Designer / QA Tester / Automation Engineer / Senior Fire Extinguisher (plus other duties as assigned)


🏅 Award: NAPW VIP Woman of the Year - Multimedia
📣 Featured in NAPW's Women 360: Member Spotlight


🚀 Launched CNM MILE - The History of New Mexico
📊 Presented Beyond PoisonPoint - Enhancing Your Course with Multimedia
🖥 Developed Media Labs for Distance Learning faculty
📊 Presented "Innovating Integration"
📊 Presented Augmented Video - It's More Than Pressing Play


🎓 Certifications: Blackboard Admin Course Delivery & Content Management
👩🏽💻Multimedia Specialist @ Dept. of Distance Learning, CNMCC
🎓 Graduated from UNM!
🏅 Award: Superior Undergraduate Student
📣 Recognition: UNM Anthropology Newsletter
⛏ Field work: Gateway to the Americas II, AK
📊 Presented Inked - A 5,000 Year Old Tattooing Tradition Among Us @ AGSU
👩🏽💻Web Assistant @ Dept. of Anthropology, UNM


👩🏽🔬 Lab Research Assistant @ Dept. of Anthropology, UNM
📷 Became a Google Glass Explorer
Belize Valley Archaeological Reconnaissance Project @ San Ignacio, Belize
Geoarchaeology @ San Luis de Cabezón, NM with Bureau of Land Management + OCA


🎒 Archaeological Site-Hopping for "Doomsday 2012" @ Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico + Belize
🏅 Awarded: Public Anthropology (+ campus recognition)
✈️ Moved to Albuquerque, NM
🔭 Transit of Venus @ Round Rock, TX
📖 Published the first issue of Origins
🏅 Awarded: National Excellence in Leadership
🎪 Coordinated ACC's 1st Annual Social Media Communication Forum
📣 Interviewed for The Daily Lobo, "Plying Their Craft" @ UNM Art Fair
📣 Interviewed for Paper.li, "Melanie Magdalena: Digital Indiana Jones"
🏅 Awarded: Amigo Transfer Scholarship @ University of New Mexico
📖 Published archaeological research in The Silo and AncientPlanet Online Journal


👩🏽💻 Internship @ The Dream Tree, Austin, TX: viral social media marketing
👩🏽💻 Officer of Internet Technology and Publicity @ Sigma Alpha Pi
🎓 Certification: Site Recognition & Documentation
⛏ Ethnoarchaeology @ Orange Walk, Belize
⛏ Colonial archaeology @ Rancho de las Cabras, TX


🎓 Certification: PADI Open Water Diver
🐬 Internship @ Dolphins Plus, Key Largo, FL: Marine mammal conservation + animal psychology
🎓 Graduated from high school


🧐Experienced public school for the first and last time
✈️ Moved to Austin, TX
🚀Founded Origins Scientific Research Society on a plane ride from Mexico City to Austin


✈️ Moved to Mexico City - bilingual college prep school is totally a thing


✈️ Moved to Tucson, AZ - cacti and basketball


💫 My starstuff formed to question the intricacies of the universe